Hepatica x harvingtonii Miss Albino JP
3. February 2021
Hepatica x euroasiatica Verla OB
3. February 2021

Hepatica x harvingtonii Miss Blue JP

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new variety from our perennial nursery, vigorous and with large violet-blue flowers and jagged foliage

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Hepatica x harvingtonii (H. transsilvanica x yamatutai)
These deliberate crossings have only recently existed, the property of the resulting clones are strong growth and large flowers, leaves up to 12/14 cm and flowers up to 6/8 cm in diameter are not uncommon, due to their leaf mass they quickly create clumps need 40/50 cm space, very decorative at the planting site, but this should have good drainage (ventilation) of the soil and be protected from the wind drying the leaves. Older plants are always admired for their size, mostly marbled leaves and huge flowers.


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violett blau


Februar, März, April


Großblumiges Leberblümchen


Frühblühende Schattenstaude, für Unterpflanzung unter Laubbäumen so wie immergrüne Gehölze, Leberblümchen Sammlungen werden auch oft in Töpfe gepflanzt und in Alpinhäusern zur Show gestellt.




Züchtung, J. Peters