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Helleborus x ballardiae ‘ HGC Merlin ‘ ®
1. February 2021
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Helleborus x ericsmithii ‘ HGC Maestro ‘ ®
1. February 2021

Helleborus x lemonnierae Madame Lemonnier ®

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For me, this strain is just a bright spring morning! Depending on the temperature from soft pink to bright pink and always with huge flowers, this variety welcomes the new awakening of the garden and all early insects.

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In this crossbreeding, the crossing partners are previously unknown. A proportion of Helleborus niger and a species from the group of spring roses are likely to be considered. What I still like best is that the parent plant was found in a private garden in France, great what nature can do.

What the varieties of x lemonnierii have in common are characterized by their vigor, unusually strong flowering potential and their large flowers. The foliage is slightly leathery and is changed after winter, similar to x hybridus.

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Frankreich, Lemonnier