Helleborus Kultivar ‘ Charmer ‘®
1. February 2021
x orientalis ' Frühlingsüberraschung JP '-0
Helleborus x orientalis ‘ Frühlingsüberraschung JP ‘
1. February 2021

Helleborus Kultivar ‘ Anna’s Red ‘®

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The most beautiful red of all the great varieties … There have been years when I had to cut off all the flower stems in the garden. simply because the demand didn’t stop and we were sold out.

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The variety group of Rodney Davey and Lynda Windsor (GB) has inspired us in recent years. It is characterized by deep green, leathery foliage with jagged edges and beautiful silvery veins. The extremely stable flower stalks stand a good 40-50 cm above the loose leaf eyrie, as if a bouquet of flowers rises from the ground. From the end of January to April, large cupped flowers are constantly being re-formed from each stem axil. But not only this rich bloom brings a long flowering period. In the pink and red varieties, the sterile flowers change color to dark pink to burgundy and are long ornamental on the plant. However, the location should not be too dry, well-drained and preferably rich in humus. The beautiful leaves are extremely grateful for a sheltered planting place without hard drops falling from above.

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Solitär, Gehölzrand, Garten, Kübel




Züchtung/Rodney Davey Marbel Group