I love shade gardens! There are so great, unknown and special shade perennials - no idea why people complain so often about shady areas. Admittedly, you can rarely expect a lush frenzy of flowers in the shade, but fresh green and varied is definitely possible.

In addition to the Helleborus, Hepatica, Anemonella and ferns that can be found in the shop as extra ranges, we cultivate a large number of genera for the shadowy kingdom.

While everyone knows the variety of hostas (hosta), you can discover such peculiarities as Japanese poppy poppy (Glaucidium) and great Solomon's seal varieties (Polygonatum). At the moment I like the evergreen clumps of Liriopen very much, they bring vertical structures into the bed. Or the delicate flowers of meadow rue (Thalictrum) that float delicately over the beds ...

Oh, by the way, by shade, gardeners mean lack of sunlight, perhaps the side of a house facing away from the sun, under tall trees or behind a hedge. There is less light there, but there is some! Without it, plants simply cannot grow.

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