"Yes, in my childhood, the forests were blue ..." is a phrase that is often heard here! The little purple-blue early bloomer in our forests has made itself rare. And the daisy-sized plant is one of the perennials that have been cultivated for centuries. Every year our hearts open anew when a glow of dead leaves appears after the gray winter days.

But these little garden treasures can do a lot more. Every year in March, when we dedicate an exhibition to the liverwort in the nursery, the focus is on their diversity.

Not only lay people are amazed at how much variety is hidden in this little treasure - from white, yellow to dark red or speckled. Simple to very double, fantastic foliage shapes and even variegated leaves - there is still a lot going on!

Actually, you only need two things for this culture: patience, patience and the right location. Plant lovers always have the former (grinning) and the latter should be very similar to a forest location - shady in summer, bright in spring, nutrient-rich and permeable. And we are happy to provide more detailed advice ...

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