How does a "flatland Tyrolean" from the far north come across gentians? Jürgen was fascinated by this classic alpine plant from the beginning and to this day we cannot resist the pure blue tones. Where other women are happy about long-stemmed roses, I get wet eyes with a bouquet of gentian flowers. Unfortunately, experience over the past 40 years has shown that some species just don't want to grow in pots. We therefore cultivate a well-growing range that is willing to bloom in the lowlands.

Gentians are very long-lived garden perennials, the right location is the whole secret! Hand on heart, where would you plant a gentian? Many plant enthusiasts answer the question with a reference to the last mountain tour. They were hot and thirsty, so the gentian is probably sunny and dry? Right next to it ... The gentian usually grows between shady grasses and if you had sat next to it, the bottom would be damp. Gentians do not like to dry out completely and have developed quite a high nutrient from the meadow location. But that can be solved ...

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