The history of gardening

About us

We are a small perennial nursery that cultivates its favorite plants. If you want to know a little more about us ...

“You're not that stupid!” was one of the typical reactions to my dream job - gardener. Well, after an apprenticeship, a university degree as a vocational school teacher for horticulture and a master’s degree in horticulture and landscaping, this has been sufficiently confirmed to me and it is really a prejudice. You don't have to be stupid, but you have to love plants, enjoy digging in the earth and see the germination of a seed as a miracle.

The first few years in my husband's nursery I was at a great disadvantage compared to perennials in general and his special ranges of alpine and liverworts, but he has proven to be a good teacher. Fortunately, if you have been working with the plants every day for more than 25 years and looking after them from reproduction to sale, knowledge is fortunately inevitable. After Jürgen officially retired in 2013, I feel quite able to continue running the business. And luckily he is at my side every day with words and deeds.

There are always astonished inquiries about our range. Why in the Hamburg area Alpine? And why bluebells or even the Japanese liverwort? Well, we are ‘hunters and gatherers, we simply cannot resist when it is said that“ the culture is extremely difficult ”and why should a nursery cultivate blue asters and red poppies, there are already specialists for that.

But there are also very practical reasons, e.g. For example, the climate here in Schleswig-Holstein is balanced and, thanks to the higher humidity, is perfect for growing alpine perennials such as gentians and edelweiss. The bellflower collection arose from the crazy idea of ​​a “blue nursery” and the crazy liverworts for over a thousand euros? The gardener lived out his own personal passion for collecting and accumulated a lot of knowledge, connections and know-how over the years - all of which must be used.

It is also a rumor that gardeners may or may not speak three related words. In order to check this again and again, and simply because we have a lot of fun, we give lectures on a wide variety of topics. So if you represent a group that is interested in liverworts, bluebells, perennials or other things from our range - please contact us.

Once or twice a year one of us can appear in front of a larger audience by visiting the MDR garden and reporting something on current seasonal topics in front of the television camera. And of course we are always available for a good technical discussion at the plant markets or on the phone - we just enjoy gardening!

Opening times

Since we spend many weekends at plant markets, we offer postage as a service for customers who live further away and actually most of our plants themselves cultivating there is simply no time for regular opening times. You can make an appointment with us at any time by phone or email, we look forward to your visit to the nursery.

  • Betriebsgründung 1924

  • Marktstand HH 1926

  • 1929 Rosenfeld

  • Marktstand HH 1930

  • Gladiolen 1931

  • die Rosen-Marktweiber von Hamburg 1940

  • Gärtnerei Walter Peters sen 1943

  • Walter Peters Sen. ca 1945

  • Eisberegnung bei Rose ca. 1945-50

  • Fam Walter Peters Sen. 1948

  • Opel Blitz LKW 1954

  • Walter Peters Jun. ca 1955

  • Blumenladen 1958

  • Gärtnerei ca. 1960

  • Marktstand Elmshorn ca. 1960

  • Marktstand Uetersen 1962

  • Blumenladenneubau 1963

  • Blumenladen 1963

  • Internalionale Stauden Un 1973

  • Wasserpflanzenkulturen 1989

  • Schleierkrautfelder 1972

  • 1973 Wölfi und Gyps

  • Belegschaft 1973

  • Berni und Gyps 1973

  • Peters Jun. 2000

  • Christrosenkulturen 2001

  • Geschäftsübernahme 1975

  • Gärtnerei 1975

  • Versand 1975

  • Winter 1977

  • Schleierkrautfeld 1980

  • LKW 1983

  • Markt 1988

  • Gärtnerei 1990

  • Gärtnerei 1995

  • Tannengrün 1996

  • 1998 Quartier

  • Enzianfeld

  • Herbstenzian

  • Laden 2001

  • Erlebnisgarten 2008

  • Erlebnisgarten 2010

  • Hepaticashow 2020

  • Firmenschild

  • Susanne Peters

  • Büro

  • Aurikelhaus

  • Helleborus Quartier

  • Verkauf

  • Hof

  • Tröge

  • Veilchen